40’s is the new….NOT OLD!!!!

You’ve heard the saying 40’s is the new 20’s, 30’s etc.. right? Well, I don’t know how to describe the 40’s except to say that it’s not OLD!!! This Thanksgiving holiday was a great example of what your 40’s are.  I had the opportunity to travel with one of my bestie’s to visit my BF and her husband in Washington DC.  You would think that we planned this trip weeks in advance, but we didn’t. It was literally two weeks before Thanksgiving that we all decided to spend the holiday together.   And let me tell you,  this weekend was definitely an example of not acting OLD in your 40’s.  We cooked, we laughed, worked out, binged watched some of our favorite shows, went on a Ferris wheel, looked at the Christmas lights, went shopping and even went out to a lounge for dancing and great people watching.  Now does any of that sound old to you? Nope.  To say the least, my Thanksgiving weekend while short was jammed packed with fun activities.

The lesson here is this. You are never to old to have fun with your best girlfriends.  It’s important to take the time to enjoy each yourself with people who let you be yourself with no judgement, no matter what your hair looks like, if you have on make-up or not, it just feels good being in the  presence of love and authenticity. What a blessing!

Now,  during this weekend I came across a few tidbits for you. Keep reading:

Not your everyday leggingsjust cozy2

How many of you all love to wear leggings? Well,  I wear them occasionally but when  I do I like to wear cute and comfortable ones.  My bestie and I came across this little gem of a store at the outlets up 400 (if you live in Atlanta you know what I’m talking about) called Just Cozy. When we walked into the store it was an amazing site, nothing but leggings a plenty. All types and all colors.  However, these leggings were special…Imagine a pair of regular leggings but then on the inside they feel like cotton or a very warm blanket. These leggings are amazing! I bought several pair because I just couldn’t decide on one color. This past weekend I took a pair with me and let me tell you, wind did not get through to my legs at all.  I mean at all!!!  These leggings are seasonal and each design is unique. So if you are looking for a great Christmas gift for yourself or someone else, get you a pair of these comfortable cozy leggings.

Shopping made it easy with just a clickshopping

One of the many reasons why folks look forward to Thanksgiving is the shopping, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.  However, as much as I like shopping, as I’ve gotten older I can’t stand crowds. I’m not really for all of the hustle and bustle, this is why I tend to shop during off-peak times.  Now, like anyone else I love a great deal so I definitely wanted to participate in all of the shopping this weekend.  However, how could I still participate without having to leave the house? So my besties and I decided that we would have a girls day of shopping at the kitchen counter, laptops, libations, snacks and all. We had our coupons for sharing and we just made an afternoon of if.  We had so much fun and were still able to take advantage of all of the sweet deals without having to leave the confides of the house.  The next time there is a big shopping weekend, get your girlfriends together with your favorite snacks, libations, and laptops and just shop until you drop without having to be in the midst of all of those crowds.

running shoes 2Your feet need loving too!

Let me ask you a question, how often do you purchase tennis shoes? Well, if you work out on a regular basis like me you probably should change out your tennis shoes every 4-6 months. Yep, that’s right.  Since being in my 40’s I find that my knees tend to be a bit sensitive as well as my feet so having a comfortable, stable tennis shoe is important. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been hearing people going to these specialized tennis shoe stores that will fit you for your perfect shoe.  I always felt that was a bit extra. I mean, you need someone to fit you for a tennis shoe? Are you Cinderella and her stepsisters trying to fit the glass slipper? I didn’t think that I needed all of that. Well, since I’ve been working out harder than I ever have, I realized that the tennis shoe that I was wearing was not the best shoe for me.  While in DC I went to this store called Pacers.

I had a professional measure my feet and ask me to run so that she could see how my running shoesfeet landed on the ground. Based on my diagnosis she brought out several pairs of tennis shoes for me to try on. I finally chose a pair that were perfect. They literally felt like cotton! No for real…cotton!  Today, was the first time that I worked out in them and the pressure was no longer on my knees and my feet were super comfortable.  Now, you spend money on everything else why not spend money on getting the appropriate tennis shoe for you to work out in? It’s like getting fitted for that perfect bra. You know what I’m talking about.  If you have never been fitted for the appropriate tennis shoe, like Nike just do it! you will be glad that you did.

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