Mother’s Day, What to do?

So, the other day a photo popped up in my Facebook feed.  It put a big smile on my face. The photo was of my grandmother Laura Beck, myself and my cousins.  My grandmother is no longer with us, so seeing a photo of her pop up in my feed did something to my heart and my spirit. You see for as long as I can remember, every Mother’s Day weekend we would hop in our cars and make that journey down the road to a little town called Pembroke, Virginia.  I looked forward to those Mother’s Day weekends. It gave me a chance to spend time with my mom, my grandmother and at times some of my aunts and cousins if they chose to come to Virginia during that time too.   When we would get to grandma’s on that Friday late in the afternoon we would make that trip to Walmart for groceries and other goodies. You see Walmart was exciting, as that was like the only real store in Pembroke.  And this was the Walmart Super Store, not the regular Walmart.  So, it was indeed one of the highlights of the trip!GbeckJPG

Of course, the other highlight of my trip was spending quality time with my grandmother.  I just enjoyed sitting at the kitchen table eating meals with her and having great conversations.  I especially, loved our morning talks over a cup of coffee. My grandmother was a beautiful woman on the inside and out. She had the best sense of humor. And her favorite word was “Shit!” yep I said it. I think I inherited that word from her, as I find myself saying that all the time.  Another thing that I loved about my grandmother is that she paid attention to me and cared about what was going on in my life.  One day I remember her saying to me, “You know what Kim? I like your style!.” That meant the world to me.  I also loved sitting with her on the couch and laying my head on her lap. She would rub my hair and just be still. That was the best.

My Grandma Beck is gone now…she lived to be 103 and it’s that time of year when I really miss her.  But in keeping on with the tradition of Mother’s Day weekend. I make sure that I spend every Mother’s Day weekend with my mother Sarah.  And that is the best!  Speaking of Sarah, she will be in town for Mother’s Day and I can’t wait.  Which brings me to this? What do you have planned for that special Mother in your life? Well, I got some ideas for those of you who live in the Atlanta area.

Breakfast or Brunch

Have you been to Gochas Breakfast bar?  Well, if you haven’t been you need to make it there this weekend. The food is fantastic. My favorite meal is the Avocado Toast with home fries.  The food there makes you want to slap yo mama…but don’t actually slap your mama!  Their pancakes, fried fish and shrimp & grits are also good choices.  And if you want a breakfast cocktail, they have everything from Kahula & Coffee to mimosas.  You choose because they have a full bar.  Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Did someone say manicure & pedicure?

One of the things that my mom likes to do when she comes to visit me is get a mani & pedi. One of my favorite places to go is Sugarcoat .  You and your mom can have a girl’s day out where relaxation and pampering is the theme for the day.  Unlike most places, the team at Sugarcoat will allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy time by yourself or with your girls – meaning, there won’t be a lot of talking. Because let’s face it, when I go for services I like to be pampered and left alone so that I can relax. You can even bring your own libations to sip on while enjoying that nice foot massage.

Take a flight!

I’m sure the mother in your life, would love a flight to a destination of her choice…but that’s not the kind of flight that I’m talking about.  If she likes wine, take her to this nice spot located in the Battery called Cru Wine Bar.  You don’t necessarily need to sit at a table, you can just take a seat at the bar.  They have light bites, like cheese, olives, Bruschetta, pizza etc.. to go along with your wine flights.  The atmosphere is nice and the service is fantastic. Cru is where I fell in love with Port Wine, so you never know what wine you and your mom will fall in love with.Wine

Shop! Shop! Shop!

Yes, you read that right. I didn’t mean Shots! Shots! Shots! I meant Shop! Shop! Shop! Now, I got the shopping gene honestly. I enjoy shopping. I especially enjoy shopping with my mom. So instead of hitting up the malls, we will take a relaxing road trip to Dawsonville, GA to the North Premium Outlet . They have all kinds of stores where you can help your mother spend her money or better yet, you can spend your money on her!

Did I spark any ideas in your head for that special lady in your life? Now, I plan on doing most of these things on the list that I mentioned including taking my mom to see the handsome Brian Mcknight at City Winery. Unfortunately, tickets seem to be sold out for all shows but you can be added to the waiting list. And we probably will take in a movie, church and brunch on Mother’s Day. Now, I can tell you that if you haven’t made your reservations for brunch you may want to put it in soon. If you don’t know where to take your mother, google best brunch places in Atlanta, and you will get an entire list of restaurants.

Well, I hope that I helped you all in coming up with ideas to spend time with that special woman in your life whether it be your mom, your grandmother, aunt, godmother, sister, etc. whoever you want to celebrate Mother’s Day with.  Remember, spending quality time is really the best present that you can possibly give, it’s the gift that is priceless!








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