From Backing that up to Birkenstocks!

I know this is a funny title, but it is so appropriate. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love the Christmas holiday season.  It’s a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus and spend time with family and friends. And let us not forget the lights, the smells and most of all holiday treats like cookies and those special holiday cocktails. 

Speaking of treats and libations, for more years than I can count I have always hosted a small gathering of my closest girlfriends to celebrate Christmas before some of us get enthralled with the hustle and bustle of the season with our own families. The evening usually consists of appetizers, desserts, and a signature holiday cocktail. In addition to the food and libations, we play games and have a gift exchange where the limit is usually $10.00.   Well, after not having a holiday gathering for the past few years, I decided that a girls gathering was needed. Like you, everyone has been through a lot during this pandemic and I wanted to bring some fun and cheer into the lives of my girlfriends.

Because of COVID my guest list had to be paired down a bit. I only had six ladies in attendance.  An intimate gathering indeed.  Do not worry everyone was masked up and there was plenty of hand sanitizer on deck.  The evening was filled with music, laughter games and, the best part of all plenty of conversation.  These conversations that me and my friends were having was pure comedy. I mean I could not stop laughing and taking notes of course. I mean, the stuff that these ladies were saying was hilarious. Ok I will not keep you in suspense. Here we go!

Leggings vs. Heels

Ladies, in your 20’s and even your 30s the conversations you were having with your girls when you were getting ready for a night out on the town, consisted of which heel should I wear? The stiletto pump, the wedge or should I wear flats with my pencil skirt, or skinny jeans? Now, at over 40 the conversation consist of which leggings should I wear? The fitted ones or the loose fitted joggers and my UGG’s  ? This is what my friends and I were talking about in terms of what we were going to wear for my holiday gathering. LOL!

Bag of Doritos

Where I live depending on how you decide to come up to my place based on where you park outside, you can either take the elevator or the stairs.  Most of my girlfriends parked right in front of my place so it just made sense for them to take the stairs up to my place.  As my one friend was walking up three flights of stairs, she said she suddenly heard a crunching sound, she immediately thought someone was opening a bag of Doritos. But to her surprise, it was not a bag of Doritos it was her thighs rubbing together as she walked up the stairs. Hilarious!!!!

Comfortable Footwear

I love heels and I despise ballet flats in a major way. The only flats I wear are tennis shoes, sandals and UGG’s.   We all got on a conversation about comfortable footwear. Really? Is this what we are really talking about. One of my friends was trying to sell us on Birkenstocks. She said that they have a certain “swag” to them. Do they really? As she was pleading her case she was like,” Them shits are comfortable!” She was like, they come in a variety of colors – black, metallic, and pewter. I  just could not get with it. Then another one of my friends, who has always been known to have a mean shoe game chimes in and says, “Clarke’s are comfortable too! They have some dope sandals Kim, you would like them!” Would I really?  We are the chic’s that typically stomp around in some bad shoes, and now we are talking about how dope Birkenstocks and Clarke’s are?  When did this happen? I guess somewhere between 40 and now.

Just another “Lit” Saturday afternoon

I remember a time when Saturday’s were reserved for grabbing drinks, going to the mall, hitting up a club, perhaps a date or something. Now, it seems that Saturday’s are reserved for grabbing a Starbucks coffee beverage and a trip to HomeGoods or grabbing a nice salad from Panera bread, all while wearing your favorite flats and leggings. My how times have changed. One of my girlfriends said that a male friend called her on a Saturday morning saying, “So what are you all getting into today? Let’s get it.” She was like, “Oh we are out in these streets headed to HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Target and then we are grabbing something to eat at Panera Bread!”  See Saturday afternoons have a new meaning when you get over 40.  

I just remember simpler times when we lived for the weekends were trying to figure out which club or party we were going to back that thang up on some fellas! LOL! Now, we are trying to figure out which show we are going to binge watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime.   Whelp! I love all of my sister friends and believe me we all know how to kick-it provided we have a nap first.  Seriously, we always have fun whether we are chilling our kicking-it hard! What kinds of conversations are you having now that you are in your 40’s?

Happy New Year everyone!

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