So this is us now??!!!!

Many of you may have noticed that your girl has been MIA for a few weeks.  Well,  there’s been a lot of life stuff that has been going on, with myself and with people who I love. As a result, I found myself being in supportive mode and in prayer mode for myself as well as for my loved ones.  However, most recently the reason why you haven’t  heard from me is because your girl suffered from food poisoning after I had lunch at my job.  And boy let me tell you that going through that….I don’t wish that on anyone. Needless to say, I was out for the count for a few days and then while I thought my body was ready to resume regular programming, I found myself in the ER while visiting my BF in DC.  Talk about a way to spend a vacation.  Then when I got back to Hotlanta, I found myself relapsing a bit and I was out of work for like 4 days.  But man…but God all of my labs and blood work came back clear and basically it was just my body getting rid of what was in my system. I had not eaten a real meal for 10 days.  Now because if this experience,  I find myself carefully re-introducing my stomach to regular foods. But I tell ya…my brain can’t seem to really wrap the notion around eating meat or even poultry.  So this may be me embarking on a semi-stricter diet. Of course, that’s what I’m saying now. But seriously, I may be limiting my intake of poultry and I’m darn sure not eating at my job’s cafeteria anymore.

OK so back to the title of So This is Us Now?!!While I was in DC getting my sickcation on, my BF and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend serious quality time with each other. Now, she of course didn’t submit to a non-alcohol free weekend like her BF..but  I digress. Anyway, on Friday night we found ourselves sitting on the couch wrapped in blankets, catching up on some of our favorite shows while she was eating chips and dip, your girl was eating soup and Jello.  All of a sudden I had this taste for a nice cup of hot tea. Now, mind you it was about 8 p.m. on a Friday night and I looked at my BF and I said, “Hey, you want some hot tea?” She then looked at me and smiled and said, “Yes! I would love some.” I was so excited that I got up and put the tea pot on for some hot water and I got our cups and honey ready.  Making tea is not hard, but my BF really puts her special spin on tea.  Once the water was ready, I asked her to come in the kitchen to fix the tea. She got up from the couch, headed to the kitchen and made us our tea.  As we both were stirring the honey in our tea with our spoons, we looked at each other and broke out in laugher. What the hell?!!! What are we doing??? It’s 8 p.m. on a Friday night and we are in the kitchen sipping on some hot tea.  Now, ten years ago we would be sipping on a martini or some shot. So…. this is us now? tea? really.  Of course, because of my health situation….having a cocktail was not a good idea so tea was about as much alcohol I was going to get. But still we were excited about having a cup  of tea. And to make matters worse, the next day which was Saturday, we decided to go for a nice walk since, I really couldn’t work out just yet.  We walked about seven miles with no problem.  The walk was good for me and being out in the fresh air was fantastic and getting some of that Vitamin D was much needed. Anyway, we got back to her place took showers and put on some lounge attire and got ready to cook some breakfast. Now, while I was sitting at the counter in the kitchen, I realized that I forgot to bring my multi-vitamins.  I asked my BF did she have some multi-vitamins that I could take.  In true BF fashion, she said, “Of course I do.” She went back to her bathroom and came back out to the kitchen with a boat load of all types of vitamins. She took all of the bottles and spread them out on the kitchen counter like it was some kind of buffet.  There were all types of vitamins; multi-vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Melatonin, Vitamins for your heart, probiotics ….you name she had it.  I was so excited to see all of those vitamins. We opened them all up and began to have a Vitamin party.  And then I was like wait? “What’s wrong with your heart? Why are you taking vitamins for your heart?” My bf was like, “Girl nothing is wrong with my heart. I just want to keep it healthy.”  Again, the fact that we were popping vitamins like they were opiates was ridiculous.  So this is us? This is what your 40’s boils down too? Tea and vitamins and sitting on the couch underneath some blankets?  I’m not ready for all of this  AT ALL.

However, on a serious note, the only reason we had that type of weekend was because  I was sick. But actually, it was good to have a low key weekend to just relax. With all of the hustle and bustle and work etc.. it’s nice to just take a minute to just breath.  And sometimes your body shuts down to a point to get your attention to say, “It’s time for you take a minute and just breathe!!! Trust me, your girl enjoys going out and having a good cocktail or too so don’t let my sickation fool you!




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