Feet, a blanket and a book!

I know you are wondering what in the world is Kim talking about this week.  Yes, it’s been a minute since I’ve written something to you, but it’s been a crazy few weeks. You know it’s that time of year for weddings, graduations, celebrations etc…  And plus, I really didn’t have anything to write about…if I’m being honest.  I pride myself in being authentic in making sure that I have something to say. Something that you, my readers will enjoy. Ok, enough of that. Now, on to the subject at hand.

As women, we sometimes feel like we can’t pause and rest.  It’s true.  We spend too much of our time running around and taking care of other people and if we aren’t doing that we are running around trying to be “a boss!” or figuring out ways that we can spread our “Black Girl” magic. Listen, all of that is fine and good. I mean, I’m guilty of doing all of that myself. However, life is too short for us not to take time out for ourselves and do the things that we enjoy or do the things that will just make us laugh and breathe!!!!!!!!Woo Sa! In keeping with the spirit of taking time out for myself…….

The Blanket & the Feet

I decided to link up with one of my “girls” to see if she wanted to catch a movie and then some dinner. We haven’t seen each other in months, so an outing was indeed in order.  We decided to go catch the new flick “Book Club” at AMC Parkway Point.  I chose that spot because you get the best of both worlds. You can lean back in reclined seating, while sipping on your favorite beverages. Our drink of choice that night was a Margarita and a Long Island.  And they were mmm…..good.  Ok so, my friend and I get all nice and comfortable in our reclining chairs. As we were getting situated with our drinks and snacks (popcorn and M&Ms) I couldn’t help but notice a weird image to the left of us.  What I saw made me want to cringe. Yep, this woman was reclined all the way back with her shoes off and her feet were just sitting there naked with no covering. Toes out and everything! YUCK! This lady really thought she was in her personal own home theater.  After my friend and I got over the shock of the naked feet, I then looked over to my right and noticed another women next to me with a very large bag with her. I figured that she had her own snacks in the bag.  I mean, I’m guilty of bringing in my own snacks to the movies. But what she took out of her bag was something that I did not expect.  The woman had on a sweater and as soon as she sat down, she took off her sweater and pulled out a Coke from her purse. Then after she did that she leaned down to her big bag and pulled out…wait for it….a freakin blanket!!! That’s right a full-on blanket.  Then this chic wrapped herself including her feet inside this blanket like she was cocoon. What in the world is happening right now? My friend and I looked at each and started laughing.  If the naked feet and the cocoon woman wasn’t enough, as we were watching the moving the cocoon lady would talk to herself and laugh real loud. The naked foot chic also made some crazy sounds. Honestly, I feel like I need to see the movie again, because I don’t’ think I really had a chance to appreciate it.

The Club

Ok. Let’s talk about the movie “Book Club” starring Jane Fonda,  Diane Keaton,  Candace Bergen and Mary Steenburgen (click here for the trailer). I would like to say that this movie was like the white older version of Waiting to Exhale, except it focused on a book. I’m not going to tell you which book in case you haven’t seen the move yet.

Anywhoo…if you are over 40 this move is right up your alley. In fact, it probably is more up your alley if you are over 60.  The movie touched on real life topics that women deal with especially after 40; Divorce (well that can be at any age) and dating again, Widowed and dating again, Single and not wanting to get married or be in a committed relationship for fear of losing “self” and being vulnerable; and then there is being married a long time and not having enough sex or sex at all. These are all topics that women shy away from discussing with each other for fear of embarrassment or judgement.

What I found refreshing in this movie was that this group of women have been friends for decades and they all were transparent with each other about any and everything; from plastic surgery, to Spanx, to being sexy to getting older etc.. they were each other’s mirrors. And when one was honest with the other about their behavior or their situation, the woman who was on the receiving end, didn’t get offended or get mad and storm out, or even stop talking to her friend for doing what she was supposed to do….be a friend. Often times, we as women are afraid to open up to each other and be vulnerable. You will be surprised that when you open up about situations, you may find that you are not alone (key in that Michael Jackson song). And perhaps that woman can give you some advice or some ways in which you could handle that particular situation. Now, here is the caveat. Obviously, if you are over 40 you should REALLY know this by now. Everyone you hang out with is NOT your friend. Therefore, you must choose wisely who is in your inner circle. Those who are in your inner circle are the ones who you can be vulnerable with.  Case in point, I was hesitant to share something personal with a good friend of mine the other day, for fear that she may judge me.  What I found out is that I could confide in her and she had NO JUDGEMENT. In fact, she reminded me of the time when she shared something very personal with me and she said that I was so supportive and that I didn’t judge her or the situation.  You know what? She was right. I didn’t’ judge her at all. She is my friend and I got her back regardless.

So, ladies, don’t be afraid to open up to your inner circle, you will be surprised on what you get in return. In the meantime, grab a few of your best girlfriends and check out “Book Club.” Let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Feet, a blanket and a book!

  1. I don’t think people really understand the importance of your “inner circle” of friend has an impact on your life… especially after the age a 40. When you reach this age (and it gives deeper once you hit 50) your most valuable asset is “time” and you have to decide are the individuals that are “surrounding” is a consumption of my time. You really have to start looking at people that you allowed in your “inner circle” as “assets for liabilities”. (needless to say this is just my opinion). Kim I love your blog.


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