Rollin Solo!

I don’t care how old I am, my father thinks that I am forever 12 years old or maybe even younger.  He hates when I go to the movies by myself, even at the age of 40 +.   He just doesn’t think it’s safe. Oh and don’t let me travel on an airplane by myself going to visit folks, he expects me to touch base with him when I leave, when I land and when I finally arrive home.  Most recently, I went on an adult Spring Break with my besties and I made the mistake of not notifying him when I made it back to the A!.  He sent me a text message stating that I broke the rule of not letting him know that I was back in town.  I guess I could complain, but it is nice that I have a father who is still around cares about my well-being.  All this leads me into talking about “Rollin Solo.”

Going to the Movies

Now that I’m in my 40’s, I have a certain sense of freedom and outlook on being by myself.  Basically,  I like me! I enjoy spending time with me.  If  I were hanging out with me, I would be glad that I was, why? because I love myself and I enjoy myself. There is rarely a time when I am bored.  I mean,  I can always find something to do.  For example, I don’t mind going to the movies by myself. In fact,  I tend to go the movies  by myself about 75% of the time.  You see going alone to the movies means I don’t’ have to worry about if the person likes that particular show, or going at a time and a place that is convenient to them etc.. And I don’t’ have to be sitting next to someone who may feel the need to talk to me during the good parts or all the parts for that matter.  I go to the movies often because the movie theater is not far from where I live. Therefore, it is nothing for me to get up and go to the movies whenever I feel like it.  Additionally, there are times where there is a movie that I want to see, but no one I know wants to see it.  Hey, it’s just a lot easier for me to hop in my car and go when it’s convenient for me!

If you have NEVER gone to movies by yourself, chile you are missing out.  If this is something that you haven’t done before, then I suggest you go during the morning or maybe take in a matinee, purchase your favorite movie snacks and sit back and enjoy. One thing to note though, make sure that you go to one of those theaters with the luxurious reclining seats, libations that you bring into theater with you and food that you can order.  Hey, it’s a date night with yourself. And there is nothing wrong with that at all.

Eating Out

I love Saturdays. And one of my favorite activities to do on a Saturday is walking to Starbucks and sitting outside (if the weather is nice) while sipping on my favorite beverage, soaking in the sights and just being blessed. Sometimes I bring a book, or catch up on some phone calls usually to my “pops” or my mother. Then there are some Saturday’s when I like to go to one of my favorite restaurants and sit down with a good book and order breakfast. Yep, by myself.

A few weeks ago, I went to one of my spots and I found that I wasn’t the only woman who decided to dine alone.  And ironically, the hostess ended up sitting us right in front of each other in the middle of the restaurant. It was like we were on display as two lonely chics for the entire restaurant to see.  Hey, I didn’t care.  Why didn’t I care? Because I am secure with who I am and I enjoyed spending time with myself having a great breakfast, sipping on some hot coffee.  I don’t make it a habit to dine alone, but I have eaten breakfast and lunch by myself. Now, if I’m honest I haven’t eaten dinner alone…yet!  My advice to you is if you have NEVER eaten out by yourself, you need to try it. It is so liberating and empowering.  And you do get a lot of attention, so make sure you looking cute! LOL.

Black Tie Event

Picture this you are all dressed up in your beautiful gown, hair done and face beat to the gawds! Yas! as you stand by the door waiting for your handsome date dressed in a tuxedo to show up and pick you up. Where are you going? You two are headed to a fancy gala.

Unfortunately, that was not my situation a few weeks ago, my date had a conflict and one of my besties also had a conflict. I wanted to attend this gala, but I didn’t want to go by myself. Therefore, I had a choice to make. Number one, I could stay at home and see all the wonderful photos on social media, wishing that I was there; or two I could step outside my comfort zone and go by myself.  Mmmmm, I’ve never gone to a black-tie affair by myself EVER! So, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and pamper myself and go to the gala like I was Cinderalla.  I got my hair done, my face professionally beat and I ordered my own pumpkin, I mean my own car service. I arrived to the gala alone,  and looking fabulous, but I knew a lot of people at the event and I had a blast going solo!! And when I was ready to go, I called my “pumpkin” to pick me up and he was right on time. I had a fantastic evening and it was nice stepping outside of my comfort zone.  Stepping out on faith, knowing that I was not really alone… I had God with me and looking out for me the entire time.

So why am I writing this post on Rollin Solo? Well, in life there are times where you have to roll by yourself. Some people just can’t go with you.  Think about it, you came into this world solo and you will leave this world solo.   You will find that you have to take a leap of faith and not be fearful of getting out there on your own. You will be surprised at what God has for you.  And like I said, you are never alone because God is always with you no matter what.  Think about it right now, are there areas in your life that you are afraid to pursue because no one believes in what you are trying to do? Or no one wants to do it with you? What are you waiting for? Life is too short FOR REAL. Take that leap of faith. Don’t be fearful. No matter what it is, going to the movies, dinning alone, going on a vacation, starting that business, purchasing that house, getting that degree, writing that book, etc… step outside of your comfort zone today. You will be glad that you did!

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