Are you being too greedy?

If you already had a big slice of chocolate cake and now you want another piece…well, then yes, that is being too greedy. I mean come on, you already had a nice size portion of cake. Having that second piece of cake is exactly why you can’t get into your skinny jeans now.  What about when you see that there is free food in the breakroom like pizza and you decide to take three slices instead of just one? Um…that is being too greedy. I mean, leave some food for your co-workers, they want some too. However, when it comes to multiple streams of income, I’m just going to be honest with you, that is not too greedy at all!

The definition of greedy, is having or showing an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth or power.  Based on that definition having the desire to have multiple streams of income is not selfish at all.  Is it a desire to be wealthy? Well…maybe or could it be the desire to be comfortable, debt free and not working for anyone but yourself? Nah…that isn’t greedy to me at all.

The other day while leaving work I ran into a friend of mine who is indeed a go getter.  I’m so proud of her.  Besides her day-to-day corporate job, she also has a thriving business on the side. She started her business approximately two years ago.  At first, she couldn’t see the fruits of her labor and as far as she was concerned, she didn’t expect to get an ROI until a few years down the road.  Apparently, someone else had plans for her and now her hustle game is finally paying off.

There was a time when she had to beg, borrow and steal for opportunities, she now is at a point where she must turn down opportunities. Her hustle game has also put herself in the position to choose the opportunities that she wants to take. It is no longer that she “needs” this opportunity it’s now a matter of choice if she wants to take it or not. She’s doing so well, that she needs an assistant to help her with the windfall of opportunities that have fallen into her lap.  And the cool thing is that opportunities are looking for her, and what a great feeling that is. And guess what? This woman is in her 40s.  Once again, proving that it’s never too late to achieve those milestones that you have set for yourself. (shameless plug, if you missed my previous post on this very subject click here)

As my friend and I were catching up, we started talking about balancing a full time corporate role, while working on your “passion” business.  While discussing that, my friend said to me, “I feel like I’m being too greedy!” I told her, “Girl no you are not.” Wanting to have multiple streams of income is smart, not greedy.  I went on to tell her that she has the luxury of working a corporate job that she likes while also living out her passion and turning it into a business.   Having a day job that you like and having a “passion” business is the ultimate of having multiple streams of income.  You see, that corporate job provides you with steady income which can help you to catapult your “passion” business to the point that one day, you will be able to leave the corporate world and just rely on your “passion” business as your main source of income.

Having multiple streams of income will enable you to tear down those walls of debt and provide a way to save and have a nest egg.

My mother worked very hard and is retired. She is in her second career…as an adjunct teacher at a community college. Additionally, she also consults on the side. However, she’s not doing all of this because she must, she is doing this because she wants to. If my mom, wanted to just sit at home she could, but instead she likes to remain active and vibrant within the community.  My mother is also debt free. Now, that is what I’m talking about. Those are the financial goals that I have set for myself. If having multiple streams of income is considered being greedy, then I guess I’m greedy because I want to be debt free and one day be able to walk away from my corporate role.  I currently have 2 streams of income and I am working on my third.

After our conversation, my friend and I agreed that having multiple streams of income is the way to go.  Do you have a “passion” business that you want to launch? What are you waiting for? How are you getting rid of your debt? And what about that nest egg? It’s not too late!





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