How do you handle the “meanwhile?”

I am sure you are all familiar with that famous prayer, prayer of Jabez? Remember, it was all the rage a few years back. I mean everyone had that little book and people were always quoting the famous prayer “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory.!”  Does this ring a bell to you? Well, I think folks didn’t really understand the meaning of asking God to enlarge their territory.  We just kept saying that portion of the prayer with the expectation that God would just magically enlarge our territory, whether it be finances, a promotion at work, relationships, a bigger house – you name it we wanted our entire situation enlarged. Hey that is the prayer of Jabez right? But in praying to God with that specific request, did we know what we were really asking for?

You see when we ask God to enlarge our territory we have to remember that an enlargement of territory means an enlargement of responsibility, worry, anxiety, etc.. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that an enlargement of your territory means sadness or crying, but there tends to be somewhat of a weight on your shoulders. This weight can include more responsibilities, more things to think about and to consider. Be it good or bad there are now a few more things that you will have to add to your life because of the enlargement of your territory.

Which bring me to this thought, be careful what you ask for. I mean are you ready to handle a bigger house, a new promotion, can you handle being a wife, a mother, can you handle having more money in your bank account?  (I’m sure your answer is yes. I mean who couldn’t handle more money in their bank account ) LOL.

I told you all about my prayer closet in a previous blog post. Not only on my wall do I have prayers for other people but I have prayers for myself. Some of these prayers are specific to asking God to expand my territory in certain areas of my life.  It’s crazy because I’ve been asking God to expand my territory in a few areas and it hasn’t happened yet, at least not in all of the areas. However, the “meanwhile” that I’ve been experiencing lets me know that the not yet will be happening soon. How soon? not sure.

What do I mean about the “meanwhile?” Well, it is the time in between the asking, waiting and receiving. Now keep in mind, that the receiving may not be exactly what you asked for, but it will be what God feels you need.  And sometimes it is exactly what you asked for.  So how do you get through the meanwhile? It’s not easy, but you have to first accept the current situation that you are in. Yes, you want a promotion on that job, yes you feel like you are ready to take that next step in your relationship. However, until the promotion comes or until that next step in your relationship happens- it is important that you continue working hard and doing a good job (as it relates to your promotion) or you continue working on your relationship and making sure that you are a good partner and friend who shows what love is really like. Are you doing those things that would make someone want to take your relationship to the next level? Are you doing those things at work that will make your manager offer you a promotion? Do you have what it takes to handle the promotion?  You see there are plenty of things that you can do in the “meanwhile” and more importantly during this “meanwhile” period continue living your life to the fullest. Continue doing the things that make YOU happy and a well-rounded individual. You’ve asked God to enlarge your territory now sit back, be patience and trust him. No that even while you are in your “meanwhile” that you are in his thoughts and that he wants the best for you. You just have to let him work…and work on his time table not yours.

Soon, I will have some things to share with you about one of the areas in my life. But for now, I can tell you that for the past few weeks or so I have been feeling this sense of anxiety and uncertainty. I’ve been experiencing this uncomfortable force on my spirit.  What I realized is that those feelings were a sign from God letting me know that something was about to change in this particular area in my life and was I really ready?  And then it happened….I received confirmation that this particular area in my life was going to change.  When I found out I was excited and pleasantly surprised. This confirmation forced forced me to look within myself, and ask myself, “was I really ready for this?” the answer is yes.

Now, between the asking, waiting and receiving…well depending on how you look at the situation …it took years. But in reality, I received my answer from God in a one year.  Just when you think he hasn’t been listening to you…..he shows up!

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