Heal What Ails You!

One of the things about being in your 40’s and I’m sure that you all will agree, is that I find myself using some of those home remedies that my mom and grandma taught me to cure my aches, pains and even some sickness.  Home remedies such as those good ole hot toddies for flu and colds ( but I think folks drink those just because  – I mean they are good. It”s just basically hot liquor in a cup with lemon right? Who doesn’t like to drink liquor?)

Okay moving on.  Hot toddies, drench your entire body in Vicks Vapor rub and put on a sweatsuit or pajamas with feet in them and bundle up under lots of blankets; Epson salt for those sore muscles, or what about gargling with salt water for a sore throat? I must admit that I’ve used all of those remedies.  Well, since the torch has been passed on, I got a few remedies up my sleeve that I want to share with you. I have allergies all year round and every now and then depending on the weather, I may experience sinus headaches. Well, last Friday I had a sinus headache and besides taking actual sinus medicine I decided to use my own home remedies to help alleviate the pain and help me have a goodnight’s sleep.  sinus blendThere are these drops called Sinus Blend that you can purchase from Natural Body Spa. Now, if you click on the link you will see that they offer massages for those who have sinus issues.

Unfortunately, I have not experienced that type of massage yet, but I believe that I will in the foreseeable future.  Anyway, these drops are everything. They open up your nostrils if you are having trouble breathing, and they also give you relief from your stuffiness and pain in your head.  How do you use them? I like to put a few drops on a tissue and then take the tissue and put it up to my nose and inhale…ah!!!!! what a great feeling.   I keep some drops at the house, but then I also carry some in my purse just in case I need them on the go.

Another good remedy for sinus headaches and other sinus issues is Now essential oils in the Lemongrass scent. Here’s how you use the essential oils. Turn on your shower to hot and let it run for a minute or two, then you take your essential oils and pour a few drops in the middle of the shower so that the water can hit the drops.  NowThe Lemongrass scent will take over your bathroom. Once you step into the shower you will feel like you are in your own personal steam room or sauna. Just let the aroma of Lemongrass wash all over you and just inhale!!! Ah!!!!

So now that you have been on an inhaling fest, what do you do to help you go to sleep? Well, I came across this gem in Vegas when I was staying at the Aria. Yes,  somehow this little piece of goodness made it into my luggage. Don’t judge me. Anyway, it’s called Quiet Night Relaxing Balm.

How does it work? Well, you put just a dab of the balm on your temples and then you put a few dabs on the back of your neck and just….that’s right, inhale or rather breath in and out slowly. sleep balmYou will feel a sudden sense of calm rush over your entire body. After you have done that, then you just lay your head on your pillow and let the sleep gods take you away.  Luckily, you don’t have to fly to Vegas and stay at the Aria in order to get your hands on this magical balm.  Click here an order your very own today. 

Now, Kim what about if you have sore muscles and they interfere with getting a good nights’ sleep? Don’t worry I got you covered.  Have you ever heard of Tiger Balm? Well, it’s like the old skool Ben Gay but without the real greasy feel and smell.  TigerAnd boy it’s like magic. You rub that on whatever body parts are sore, and presto… the next morning you will feel no pain. No for real…no pain.  Let me tell you something,  I used all of these remedies last Friday to help me get a good night’s sleep.  I’m so glad that I did.  The great thing about these awesome finds is that they are inexpensive. For them to be in small packages, they have a lasting punch!

Tell me what kind of home remedies do you use?

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