The Gathering of the Tribe

Have you reached your 40’s and feel like you haven’t accomplished anything? Do you feel like life has passed you by? I know you wanted to start that business, travel around the world, enroll in that doctoral program, but you feel like it is too late because none of those things that you planned for yourself have happened yet.  Well, I’m here to tell you that it is not too late. I mean, are you still breathing? Did you wake up this morning? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then that may be a good indicator that life has not passed you by. You still have time to achieve those milestones that you have set out for yourself.

One of my friends recently posted an article on social media titled, “For Colored Girls in the their 30s and 40s who feel like Life May Have Passed You By.” Did you see that article? It was a great read and there were some thought provoking and relevant points. The article mentioned that black women tend to put so much pressure on themselves because they have not achieved certain milestones before the age of 30 like some of their white counterparts.  We at times feel like we are failures and look at ourselves as not successful because we haven’t gotten that extra degree, or taken that overseas job in Tokyo or bought our first house etc.. you know what I mean. Stop beating yourself up. Stop comparing yourself to other people- white, black, male, or female. No matter what age you are when you accomplish those milestones that you set for yourself, it is still a victory. You will still be giving off that black girl magic. It’s very similar to the notion of being 40 and still not married (if you even want to get married).  My response to that is always, it’s not my time apparently. God has a plan mapped out for me.  Well, that is the same response as it relates to other goals in your life that you have set for yourself. Perhaps it’s not your time yet.  It takes time to birth a child in the literal and figurative sense.

Every day that God blesses you to wake up, is a new day to work toward the goals that you have set for yourself.  Did you ever think that maybe there is a reason as to why the goals that you have set for yourself have not happened yet? You don’t have to answer me, but you do need to answer yourself.  Something to think about….

Look I do not prescribe to the notion of life has passed me by. Some of the examples that I have to share with you is that I didn’t buy a house until I was 30, I didn’t get an MBA until I was in my 30’s, I didn’t make the salary that  I wanted until I was 40, I authored my first book in my late 30s, I got the car that I wanted since I was a little girl in my 40’s, I started teaching as an adjunct (which I’ve always wanted to do) in my 40’s shall I go on?  Age is just a number. I don’t let age stop me from the milestones that I have set for myself and neither should you.

Come here, get closer to the screen, let me share a little something with you that may help get you over that notion that you are too late to achieve your goals,collab 1

Over the weekend the tribunal counsel… umm that would be some of my best girlfriends got together at a “Gathering Spot” to have a meeting of the minds.  It was five, intelligent black women sitting around a conference table with pitchers of water, note pads, pen and our laptops. Why were we there?  Well, I will tell you. Each of us have an entrepreneurial spirit and we all have our own business ideas that we want to see come to fruition. So instead of pitching our ideas to strangers to have them co-sign or validate our ideas, we decided to tap into a more intimate network of people…each other.

What better way to pitch your ideas than to a group of folks who you already trust and have a relationship with.  We had a very productive four-hour meeting. Each of us talked about our businesses and business plans. Then we each expressed what we needed from the rest of the group to help get our businesses off the ground. It was an opportunity for all of us to brainstorm, share knowledge and information that would be beneficial to everyone in the entire group. And you know what? This tribe consisted of women in their late 20’s, 30’s and 40’s  and trust me no one felt like it was too late to get their businesses off the ground.

Imagine if you and your girlfriends would take the time to gather together and pitch your ideas and assist each other with getting a business started…boy how powerful that could be. Talk about black girl magic for real!!!  Tell me what are you doing to reach your milestones in 2018?







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