We can’t do it like we used to!

I always thought that 40 was old, at least that is until I became 40. Now,  I feel like 40 is not old and it’s all a state of mind.  You are only as old as you feel. Heck most of the time I feel like I’m in my 20’s.  However, the reality is that I may feel like I’m in my 20’s but my body and at times my state of mind is definitely in my 40’s.  Over the weekend I talked to some of my girlfriends, who like me are in their 40’s, we started thinking about all of the things that we can’t do like we used to do.  Now, we came up with quite a list but I just narrowed it down to five. Check them out and let me know your thoughts. What are some other things that you can’t do like you used to  do?

1.You can’t drink.  One of my girlfriends called me over the weekend to apologize for not answering my text message. She was like “Girl I did not realize that you texted me until I woke up this morning.” I was like, “Really?” She said, “Girl I am hung over. I drank way too much last night.  I realized that I can’t drink like I did when I was younger.” We both started laughing. It’s true, when I was younger I could throw them back with the best of them, but nowadays my limit is one to two drinks.  medicine ball teaWhen I went to homecoming this year, the partying started on Wednesday night when my brother came to town and ended on Saturday on my living room floor around 9 p.m. In fact, I drank so much that weekend that I lost my voice and I needed some special tea (medicine ball tea) to make it through the next day and into the beginning of the week. While my peeps were still ready to keep the party going on that Saturday, I was on my living  room floor with my blanket like “you all can do what you want to do. I’m DONE!!!”

2. You can’t remember anything.  I don’t know about you but sometimes I don’t know where my head is.  NO for real! It if wasn’t attached to my neck I’m not sure I would be able to find it.  There are times that I can’t remember the simple things.  For one, I don’t have anyone’s phone number memorized, with the exception of my mother and father’s phone numbers but that’s it. What if I lose my phone?  I have no idea how to get in touch with anyone.   And let’s not talk about times that I don’t remember people’s names or places, or where I parked my car, what I need to get from the store…it can be pretty scary at times not to remember the simple things. Do I need to go to a brain camp? No, seriously do they have those? LOL!

3. We don’t need sexual ninjas at this point. Ok now, this is not coming from me directly. But one of my girlfriends wanted me to add this to the list.  Look when you are in your 40’s sure you enjoy “getting it” and “giving it” but we don’t need a sexual marathon.  All 98 positions aren’t necessary, throwing us around and around like we are doing Zumba in bed is also not necessary.  Shoot in your’ 40’s your knees hurt a bit and you may not be as flexible as you were in your 20’s. Now, I’m not saying all creativity goes out the door, but just focus on a few key positions and we are good to go!

4. Can’t stand in lines.  Now, i’m sure like me, you all have stood in your fair share of lines to get into the hottest club, but in your 40’s ain’t nobody got time for that. Standing in long lines in the cold and paying a cover charge just to get inside and be standing up all night, is not HOT.  It wasn’t really hot back when I was younger, but it was cool and I didn’t mind standing up all night in my cute heels. But now, PLEASE!!! I am not for it. If I’m not in the VIP with bottle service,  then there’s no need for me to be there.  Yes a VIP section may cost a bit more, but it is worth it. At least I have a permanent place to sit while wearing my cute shoes. If I choose to stand it will be my choice. VIP all the  way for your girl!! Work hard play hard.

5. Can’t stay up or stay out late.  When I was younger I lived for the weekends to go on dates and kick-it with my crew.  In fact, we usually didn’t get out the house before 11 p.m.  and then home in the wee hours of the morning. Good times indeed.  Nowadays, if I’m not out the house by at least 8 p.m. ….mmmm it will be kind of shaky if i end up going anywhere at all.  Like you all, I have a lot going on. My schedule can be hectic so when the weekend comes I got to keep that momentum going. If I stop moving around, then I will get sleepy and I will be the first to say, “Nay, I’m going to stay at the crib. Curl up on the couch and watch movies.” Ah!! the good life.

There have also been times that I’ve gone out and if I am getting tired, I have no problem ending the night early, which is why I usually drive myself a lot so that I’m not on anyone’s schedule. I swear once I got in my 40’s living for the weekend has a different definition. I still enjoy going on dates and hanging with my crew, bu then there are some weekends that I enjoy doing NOTHING!!!! And you know what? that’s ok because sometimes you need to just sit still, relax and refresh.

So tell me what are your things that you can’t do like you did when you were younger since you reached your 40’s?



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