Readers and arthritis, oh my!

31603620-CA4E-41EF-A661-0A665C111531So this weekend I decided to hang out with one of my girlfriends. It was Saturday and we decided to venture out to the mall to do a little retail thearpy.  Like most gal pals we ended up going to the favorites, Victoria Secrets where I got some great onesie pjs with easy access to the behind.  Get your mind out the gutter, it’s for you to easily go to the bathroom without having to take off the entire onsie, I think! LOL.

Anyway, we also went to Sephora and Macy’s of course.  Now, while we were in Macy’s looking at shoes, my friend mentions to me that she’s got to find some comfortable shoes to wear to this event that she had to a. She said, “Girl I can’t wear heels like I did when I was younger.” I was like, “um…why not?”  And she said, “Well, the doctor’s told me that I have arthritis in my foot.”  When she told me that I was like, “what?” She said, “Girl yes.  So until I can get that under control I need to wear more comfortable shoes. I’m old!.” Now, mind you she is not that old. She is in her 40’s like me.  So we left the shoe portion of Macy’s and headed over to the clothing section where they sold blazers. She got her eyes focused on this one blazer that had some vibrant colors on it. She was like, ‘Oooo, girl what is that blazer?”  I walked over to the blazer and it looked like something a 90 year-old grandmother would wear. I was like,  ” Girl what are you 80? This isn’t what you want.” She said, ” Girl,  I couldn’t see.”  I started laughing and said, ” I guess you needed to have your readers.”  We both started cracking up.  I mean when did we get to this place where we are having conversations with our girlfriends about arthritis, readers, hot flashes etc.. ?? I mean I may be in my 40’s but I don’t feel old AT ALL.  And I don’t want to be having these conversations with my girlfriends.

I still rock my heels, even though I may keep some flats in the car…but man I never thought we would be having these conversations.  So tell me some of the crazy conversations you have with your girlfriends now that you are in your 40’s?

3 thoughts on “Readers and arthritis, oh my!

  1. I still have 4 years till I turn 40 but I have not been able to wear heels for 8 years now I think. I just can’t anymore, too taxing on my poor feet! By the way, I think I will be ok with being in my 40’s as long as I like what I see in the mirror. Sunscreen help us lol


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