Welcome to Your 40’s shaken but not stirred!

Hello. Welcome to my blog, Your 40’s shaken but not stirred.  If you are here, it must mean that you have an interest in what I have to say or  you are just nosey! Either way, I’m glad you decided to visit my blog and hope that you become a frequent visitor.

So let’s get right to it. Why did I decide to start a blog? Well, I did a self-assessment to figure out what I was doing with my second book that I’ve been working on for the past four years. I realized that while the content was good and contained information that I wanted to share with my readers was it purchase worthy? Meaning, was I going to make any coins? You see, my first book Laid off but not Laid Out, was successful because there was a need. My second book that I have been working on…well, there isn’t really a need.  However, I didn’t want my writing to go to waste and I decided to put a different twist on it. So….I started this blog that will be about me as a 40 something woman dealing with various issues in life.  Issues such as relationships, finances, parents, friendships, religion and a host of other fun topics.

I look at my 40’s much like a martini.  When you shake a martini, you want to ensure that every ingredient is fully integrated into the finished drink’s flavor.  Shaking will create a strained drink with a cloudy, effervescent look at first that will clear up within a few minutes after straining. Due to the more violent nature of the shake, shaking will also break down more ice and add a greater amount of water to the drink, which is desirable for getting a well-balanced cocktail. This reminds me of all of the situations, challenges etc. that you experience in your 40’s that all work together that may shake you up, but once the dust settles, you are a well-balanced stronger women.  On the other hand, stirring a martini is a more gentle technique for mixing cocktails and is used to delicately combine the drinks with the perfect amount of dilution from the ice.  When you are in your 40’s, you are no longer this delicate flower that needs to be handled gently. You can handle being shaken, because you know after it’s all over you will come out stronger.

I want this site to be a place where you can laugh, cry and be inspired.  Think of this site as “Sex in the City” meets “There’s Something about 40” and runs into “Insecure”.  You like how I did that right? Anyway,  I have four years of content coupled with a few other surprises that will be included in this site.

With that being said, I hope you sit back and enjoy reading “Your 40s Shaken but not Stirred.”




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